In Japan, about 10,000 - 15,000 Japanese black bears and about 2,000 - 3,000 Hokkaido brown bears inhabit with us. Japanese black bear inhabits in main island and Shikoku island. The Hokkaido brown bear inhabits in Hokkaido island. We have many conflicts with the bears every year.

Bear Gallery 1 : six photographs of Japanese Black Bear
Bear Gallery 2 : Grizzly bear, Karelian bear dog and etc.


(June 12, 2001)
An old man was attacked and killed by the Japanese black bear in Toono city of Iwate prefecture on June 9, 2001. He went to collect the wild plants to his back yeard. News paper wrote the black bear was with cubs. I guess the female black bear attacked the old man to protect her cubs. It is very sad accident.

In Japan, the habitat of the bear is devastated, and a bear appears around the village. We call the bear is "the village bear". It is considering that "village bears" increase.gif

(June 12, 2001)
Kyoto is a very famous international tourist town. I like Kyoto city. An black bear appeared in the tourist spot of Kyoto which is famous in this May. The bear enjoyed to walk around some tourist spots. It have no trouble. But the bear was killed by Kyoto city. Many people protested against Kyoto Prefecture and Kyoto City.gif

(May 10, 2001)

This spring, two people were killed by the Hokkaido brown bear in Hokkaido. One trouble happen in the forest of Shiranuka town on April 18. A woman went there to gather wild vegetables commercially with her friends. We guess she was attacked by a female brown bear with cubs. There was a carcass of the deer near the accident spot. Maybe the brown bears were eating it when the woman went to there.

Another trouble happen in the forest of the suburbs of Sapporo city on May 6. One man went to there to gather wild vegetables. He disappeared, and his family asked the police station for the search. The search party found his body filled up in the soil on May 7 morning. There was a brown bear near the place. That bear threatened the search party. So it was shot dead by the hunters. The body of man had been eaten by a bear. The population of Sapporo city is over 1,400,000. And it is the center city of Hokkaido.

Two men were injured by the black bear in Iwate in this spring, too. Iwate is my country. About one thousand Japanese black bear inhabit in Iwate.

We live in Morioka city of Iwate. The population is about 300,000. A white bear is found in the suburbs of Morioka City on May 2, 2001. That topic is very famous because it was reported in the many televisions and many newspapers!


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